(8)The tavern


On the Roll of The Dice


Captain Amalure‏ @BlackBasque2016 14.// Drags a chair by the back, swinging it around up to the table, raises a leather clad leg up and over the seat to straddle the chair. // Well Father I propose a small wager on the throw of the dice, but first use your saintly influence and get the round in!


Father Ryan‏ @FatherPRyan 1


*Smiles to myself. Amalure is a sensible type, but this Porthos … definite possibilities. Waves a hand and beckons a serving girl over with drinks. They know me here, and they know not to ask questions. My money is as good as the next man’s so why should they.*

A small wager sounds good, my friend, but as a man of God …. my superiors would be frowning on such a thing. The exchange of money would leave a nasty taste in their mouth … less of course it was heading straight to their own coffers.

*Chuckles.* How about a different type of wager?


Captain Amalure‏ @BlackBasque2016 59

//looking from under hooded brows suspiciously at Ryan, then at Porthos experience tells me Porthos is ahead of the game. And has a glint in his eye’s that can only lead to trouble! //

A different wager, let it be known a Basque always pays his debts no matter the wager, sounds interesting.


Father Ryan‏ @FatherPRyan 58.

*Makes a show of frowning and rubbing my temples. From the gleam in the Musketeer’s eyes, I’m pretty sure he’s worked it out.*



Porthos‏ @bravemuskie195 57m57 minutes ago

*Roars with laughter.. clapping large gloves hands together! This old priest has a look of the world about him, and I see where this is leading best to play along, no matter the outcome! *
Strip Dice! Father is that where this is heading?
* Flashes a beaming smile, I’m wise to this old goat. I’m the master of the dice and it suits me to lose, got plans for a wench or two! *
*Rubs my head, in what I like to think of as a thoughtful manner.*
Well now, you’d be having the better of me there, seeing as how soldiers seem to wear so many fine clothes as opposed to us poor priests.
*Maybe I’m laying this on a bit thick.*
But I don’t see the harm in a friendly game.
*Stifles the laughter as I pull up a chair. Oh. Dear. Gods. Ryan has got Amalure and Porthos playing dice … and not for money from the look of it. I’ve played the old coot, several times, and I know he’s not likely to lose unless he means to. He’s fully dressed, Amalure appears to have lost his gloves and boots, but Porthos …. the wenches are peering around the bar, trying to catch a sight of his naked chest. At least he still has his breeches. I reach for a tankard and give thanks for small mercies.*
* Rubs the hair on my chin between forefinger and thumb thinking I’ve beaten Aramis with this move before now…….leans back in the chair tilting it backwards grinning.. as it rocks on two legs……. letting it rock back again with a thud against the floor the front legs of the chair shudder, slowly but deliberately crosses my arms taking hold of the bottom of my shirt……. Inch by inch pulling it over my head until exposing the muscles rippling on my naked chest… swing the shirt around my head dropping it onto the floor.*
Stick around ladies! you’re in for a show!
* Scooping up the dice, rubbing them between the palms of warm hands…. blowing twice into the centre of cupped hands and casting the dice across the table, everyone watches expectantly for the dots to fall in their favour .. *
Yes! Love it when a plan comes together. Well gentlemen……time to take off your socks Father I think!
*Grabs a passing wench wrapping a burly arm firmly around her waists…pulling her in close. nimble digits sliding under her top!*


So, my buxom beauty if I lose my breaches I’ll make worth your while, now if you were to sit on my muscular thigh and bring me luck! *Slaps Joao on the back and winks. * Feeling lucky my old friend?


Captain Amalure‏ @BlackBasque2016 48 .

// Looking directly into Ryan’s eyes from under hooded brows pulled down low to hide the scrutiny of my gaze. Shaking my head from side to side, this man of the cloth is hard to read! //

Raise you father let’s see what you’re got? // Rolls the dice into the centre of the table, hooded eye’s willing the fall, but only fate will determine the outcome. // Luck appears to be avoiding me tonight!

//Removes my hat throwing it to a passing wench//

Hang this on the peg if you don’t mind, this could be home for the night!


Father Ryan‏ @FatherPRyan 45 

*Smiles my best saintly smile, the one I usually save for my so called superiors when they are moaning about my slightly unusual methods.*

Well now, luck seems to be with you more than our French friend here. Still, the lasses aren’t exactly complaining.

*Winks at the wench on Porthos lap.*

Let’s see if the gods are fond of me.

*Rubs the dice and rolls them, apparently nonchalantly, yet in a very specific manner, learned over many years in far less salubrious surroundings.*

Well, would you look at that?.


João‏ @JoaoRibeiro951 43.

*Makes no attempt to hide the laughter.* Looks like you won, Father. Time to pay up, gentlemen. I’m sure the Father will be happy to accept coins as payment for a game lost.

*Glances at Amalure’s bare feet and Porthos bare … well, pretty much everything, seeing as how he’s currently stripping off his breeches. Please God let him be wearing undergarments.


Captain Amalure‏ @BlackBasque2016 41.

//Slides the few coins left in my reserves across the table towards the good father. // I sincerely hope this pays for good causes! And not Irish whiskey. //Standing up from my chair, taking my hat from the peg. Nimble digits run the width on the broad brim of my hat, lowering my head with a nod of respect, I slide the hat on. //

I bow sir to your skill of the game Father. Goodnight gentlemen.

// Turning and striding towards the door, feeling fleeced and out matched. I greet Miguel with a nod, who is standing in the doorway, rolling his eyes. //



Porthos‏ @bravemuskie195 39.

* After losing my breaches …I grin at the Father and slides the squirming and protesting wench over off my bulging pouch, and onto the firmness of bare muscular thighs …… leaning back in the chair flexing the muscles…. with a wide grin which lifts from the corners creasing the edges of dangerously glinting eye’s. *

Well gentlemen! I’m out, come on lass I can think of better ways to while away the time.

* Swoops her up into strong arms and over my shoulder…. with a booming laugh which resonates around the tavern. *

Goodnight gentlemen *Yawns* Time for the pleasures of the flesh. And I don’t even have to remove my clothes! Love it when a plan comes together.


Father Ryan‏ @FatherPRyan 37.

*Winks at the wench.*

Well at least you’re dressed for it. Thank you for the game, gentlemen, It was most … instructive.



Porthos‏ @bravemuskie195 3636 .

*Scoops up abandoned garments from the floor in my hand, not bothering to cover my exposed manhood……the last view my comrades enjoy is bare firm buttocks as I stride up the stairs with the giggling wench over my shoulder. And thanks to the father I have no need to undress! *


João‏ @JoaoRibeiro951 34.

*Chuckles as Porthos literally throws the poor lass over his shoulder and she squeals. Doesn’t protest, mind you, just squeals.* Dear Gods, Ryan, tell me you didn’t cheat too much to get him like that.



Father Ryan‏ @FatherPRyan 33.

*Beams at Joao.* I barely needed to try. He was more than willing to lose gracefully. Amalure was less happy to join him in that state of undress, so between us, we spared his blushes.



Miguel Pedrosa‏ @miguelpedrosa91 33.

*Hooks my foot around a chair leg and pulls it out, depositing myself into it and waving for a drink in one easy motion.* For which we are all eternally grateful.



Father Ryan‏ @FatherPRyan 3232 .

Not as grateful as young Ana, from the look on her face when Porthos carried her off.




Miguel Pedrosa‏ @miguelpedrosa91 31.

Shakes my head and rolls my eyes.* Too much information.



João‏ @JoaoRibeiro951 


*Laughs and changes the subject.* How are our uninvited guests faring?



Miguel Pedrosa‏.miguelpedrosa91 30

*Grimaces.* We let them go.




Why the hell did we do that?




Because it turns out they were invited. We had to invite a Spanish dignitary, just to be polite and avoid any political comebacks, and Felipe is the man they chose to send. And, yes, Amante is officially his aide. Since they were invited guests, we can hardly detain them. The Spanish government would just love that. Perhaps that’s why they chose Felipe. As for Amante, I think he and Felipe were drawn together by a dislike of John’s uncle, Duarte.


John has requested a meeting with Felipe to discuss … the situation. In the meantime, all we can do is keep a close eye on them and hope this isn’t part of some convoluted Spanish plot to seize the throne.

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