(6) Seduced by your love.

Lightly held in my hand a single red rose John had plucked from a vase near the entrance to the ballroom, presenting it to me with a bow, softly whispering against my ear with a suggestion I could hardly refuse, with a tender kiss he had passionately nipped my bottom lip with a playful bite.

Floating on the essence of a single thought quick-stepping feet hardly touch the steps of the stairs the release of rose scent fill my every breath when gently brushing the rose on the stone bannister.  Rustling whispers proceed my arrival faint voices telling a tale of love and passion, black silk trailing from a shimmering silk skirt swishes sumptuously over each stone step, the only noise from dainty silk slippers punctuating the conversation echoed in whispers around the vaulted ceiling.

Breathlessly kicking off my shoes on the top landing, elegantly sweeping down to pick them up in my hand walking swiftly along the passageway with flowing even symmetry towards our chambers, tossing my hair it breaks free from the pins which held the dark tendrils in curls now falling loosely caressing the skin of bare shoulders. Breath hitches in anticipation opening the door tour chamber and slipping in, on this winter’s night the warmth from the fire weaves its magic spell, in wonderment I gaze upon my sleeping husband, taken aback gasping at his glorious naked beauty I find myself leaning against the door after closing it behind me, mesmerised by his splendid form.

Glancing sideways at my reflection in the mirror my body glows with amber hues of golden light long dark tendrils falling with abandoned joy around shoulders shimmering in firelight, looking down at my now slender curves nimble fingers unhook the lacings of the bodice of the dress enabling me to wriggle from its restraints the cool silk falls sensually over milky flesh tingling with wispy touches arousing erotic shudders and my need for John.  Eyes of dark chocolate meld with a fiery passion the fires amber glow reflected in my glance upon John’s red rose still held within my hand, lifting the exquisite flower I brush the delicious petals against my full moistened lips in a kiss of Amor.

Wrapped within his strong arms will satisfy a burning need not satisfied since the birth of Alexander, under an enchantment from the magic of the dance my bare feet stepping silently across the warm sandstone floor towards the bed where my lover sleeps, climbing slowly onto the bed one long leg at a time, with the rose in my hand I kneel beside him, gently trailing the rose petals over his bare skin arousing him from sleep.

Peeling the sheets back slowly I slide beneath my skin tantalised by the luxurious feel of pure cotton, iridescent in the glow from the dying embers of the fire I brush my naked body over John’s toned torso enticing him to frolic in a sensual Paso Doble. Shimmering in the naked flame of desire we are sculptured figures entwined in the semi-darkness of the room, his fingertips entice my silken skin as he traces patterns across my naked form, intoxicated each breath deepens within my breast to the rhythms of the of our love. Entwined forms glide against the sheets arching and yielding in perfect harmony as the passion reaches an exquisite crescendo, lithe long legs slide carelessly around his waist his fingers run through my long tendrils lifting my head from the pillow pressing his lips to mine in a passionate kiss. Placing his hands firmly around my waist he lifts me up onto his thighs, embracing him sliding my legs about his hips arching my back reaching behind supporting myself with hands resting on his knees, deliriously savoring the spasms of pleasure plundering my inner sanctum, sensuously and slowly I ride the wave of euphoric splendor, John gasping with sated desire tugs me firmly against his chest groaning in sublime release. *




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